Why Adults Should Learn Martial Arts for Self-Defense

Why Adults Should Learn Martial Arts for Self-Defense

Training in the martial arts is the best way to reduce stress, increase energy, and be successful in life.

Take Self Defense Seriously, for You and Your Family

When most people think of self-defense, they think of fighting. However, very few people actually get violently attacked each year, while virtually everyone faces an attack against their health. Things like obesity and stress rob millions of peace-loving citizens of their health and vitality every day.

Martial arts training is the best, most complete exercise program to help you lose weight, relieve stress, and stay healthy. It incorporates Oriental Power Breathing which exercises your internal organs and helps improve your immune system, to build health from the inside out. It teaches a positive mental attitude, which helps you stay healthier and happier. It teaches awareness, to help you avoid troublesome situations. Prevention is much better than cure.

In addition, should a dangerous situation unfold, martial artists have the physical skills and mental confidence to defend themselves. Martial arts training can literally be the difference between saving your own life, or the life of someone you love, not only from a violent attack, but in the quiet everyday attacks of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Most Effective Way to Burn Fat and Tone Your Muscles


Martial arts training is the most effective way to burn fat, tone your muscles, and get into shape. It’s unique combination of strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and balance sets it apart from any other fitness program. Training within the martial arts leads to weight loss for another reason aside from wanting to look good. Martial arts builds character by teaching you about discipline, setting goals, and then using motivation and personal commitment to achieve those goals. This frame of mind that martial arts portrays for students is invaluable in helping people foster a mental attitude that makes it almost impossible for you not to lose weight in the mind and body. This kind of mental focus can be carried over into forming the mental toughness you need to push yourself to stick with a weight loss plan. You will look great and feel better than ever, no matter what age you begin!

Relieve Stress and Boost Energy

try-tai-chi-for-stress-reliefHaving stress is usually expected, but having to handle stress is dreaded. The martial arts urge you to release your stress in a variety of healthy ways while raising your energy levels. The stress relieving effects of martial arts are not only spirit-uplifting, but they also make you comfortable in your own shoes. The toughest part of your training though, is the beginning, because it requires you to step out of your comfort zone. However, soon enough, you will desire it. Effects aren’t exactly immediate, but within days to weeks, you will sense a strong feeling of reduced stress and increased energy, even after a day of work. Now just imagine how much martial arts can improve your daily life. You will gain peace of mind and a balance of emotions that will keep you looking forward to your next class.

Improve Discipline and Control to Become a Better Person


Self-control creates an increased focus to concentrate on doing what is right for your body and self-discipline is the key to self-improvement. You will build your character, earn the respect of others, reach your full potential, and become a better person when both of these elements work together. In and out of the martial arts school, you will seek to improve your interaction with others, how you work at your job, your diet, sleeping habits, and overall sense of mind. That’s what makes martial arts so useful to human growth.