Frequently Asked Questions about Martial Arts Lessons

What are the martial arts?

Although many people think the martial arts are all about fighting, they are really so much more than that. When you train in the martial arts, you take advantage of the best self-improvement system in the world. Through the practice of physical self-defense skills, you will follow a blueprint for a successful life based on discipline, focus, and perseverance. You will experience the satisfaction that comes not from winning over others, but from winning over yourself as you become stronger, healthier, and happier than you have ever been in your life.

What will martial arts training do for me?

You will lose weight and get in shape, gain confidence and feel better, release stress and gain peace of mind, improve concentration and focus, meet positive new friends, learn self-defense and self-discipline, gain respect for yourself and others, develop a winning attitude and much more!

How are martial arts different from other exercise programs?

The martial arts are more than an exercise program, they are a way of life. Most exercise programs like running and weightlifting focus on one area like endurance or strength, but the martial arts develop the entire person in body, mind, and spirit. Unlike team sports, there are no bench warmers. Everyone enjoys the action, no matter how old or how young. Physically, you will gain surprising strength, abundant endurance, new-found flexibility, uncanny balance, explosive speed, graceful coordination and much more!

Am I too old or out of shape to begin martial arts training?

The martial arts are for everyone, whether you are young, old, male, female, an elite athlete or couch potato. Success in martial arts training is individual, so you begin wherever you are and progress at your own rate. You will get into better shape, and feel younger and stronger, so don’t put it off another day.

We even offer nutritional advice and programs to help you lose weight and improve health. We have many options to help students achieve their goals, so even students with injuries or physical limitations can improve their health. Our instructors will meet with you to discuss how the martial arts can help you achieve your individual goals.

Are martial arts safe for children?

Yes. In fact, martial arts is MUCH safer that MANY common sports and activities for children.

Although there are minor risks of injury in any physical activity, our highly qualified staff have gone through rigorous training to provide a safe and secure environment for your child. Television and movies portray a false image of the martial arts by emphasizing the fighting. As your child learns amazing skills, he or she will practice self-control, responsibility, and respect for others. Our main priority is the safety of your child, not the promotion of violence.

What does the martial arts offer for teenagers?

Teens like to belong to the “in crowd,” and martial artists are definitely considered cool. When you begin practicing the martial arts, you will meet a group of positive friends who will challenge you to become the best you can be. You will find out who you are and just how much you can achieve. The physical training will make you look and feel more attractive, both to yourself and to others, and will greatly improve your self-esteem. You will learn to express yourself with more confidence and gain the power to influence others. Through exciting group activities, the martial arts challenge you to develop cooperation, teamwork, and leadership. You will be amazed at the black belt version of you.

Why is martial arts training a great family activity?

Martial arts training is the best family activity because children, parents, and even grandparents can all have fun together in our family classes. In other activities like little league, adults are limited to being the coaches or the fans. In the martial arts, there are no spectators – everyone can be a participant. Each family member can become healthier and enjoy learning the exciting skills. Martial arts training also gives your family a positive way to gain respect for one another. Setting family goals creates family unity, and facing challenges together helps each of you to appreciate the feelings of the other. You will find yourselves naturally cheering for each other to achieve your personal goals.

What changes can I typically expect to see in my child?

Each student progresses at a different rate based on his or her talents and abilities. The first thing you should notice is that your child will treat you and the teachers at school with more respect. Hyperactive children will learn, over time, to focus better. Overweight children will slim down. Shy children will become more confident. Most children will become better at sports and will improve their grades at school. Our leadership training program will help your child seek approval from within, rather than from others, making him or her less susceptible to peer pressure. As they grow older, they will become self-leaders instead of blind followers of their friends.